Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to enable opera turbo on your opera mini

UUppss.. Still can't sleep,,ᓐ so it's better if I post something useful here. Do you know about opera turbo? Yes, this turbo will accelerate your opera mini to surf the net. And it can stabilize your net when your network gets slow connection. We can enable opera turbo in PC because there is a button to activate it. But what about to enable it in our opera mini mobile? The answer is 'yes' we can ᓏ. First thing that you have to do is open your opera mini browser, Then go to this address: Http:// Photobucket Congratulation,,you have enabled your opera mini turbo! ᓙ and happy surfing the net,,not the beach!ᓑ Hope it's useful for you all!

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